Technology and detection to combat financial scams

We’re Aviel. We build scaled, modern technology and we deploy it with our partners at various stages in the financial fraud ‘kill chain’.

In short, we work with you to turn the tables on scammers and protect internet users everywhere.

Aviel and you.

You’re a Trust and Safety Team

We can help

Allow us to identify and alert you to malicious content, ads or private messaging groups that facilitate the first contact with – and subsequent financial grooming of – your users.

You’re an Internet Platform

We can help

Trust us to identify internet infrastructure (domains, hosts, software stacks) used for pig-butchering ops and share them with you, enabling world class intervention speed.

You’re a financial institution

We can help

Let us help you pinpoint the tip of the money laundering iceberg. We know where scammers are taking payments, and we want you to too.

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